Saturday, May 14, 2011

What goes around comes around.

Yes, just like the Justin Timberlake song, minus the high voice: "What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes back around..." Yea buddy it did tonight!

Let me set the scene for you:

Picture it. Sicily 1937 (Just kidding, get it? Sophia from Golden Girls?... Anybody?) Anyways, picture it Beth's house May 14th, 2011. We (Mom, Dad, Gramz, Beth, Ben, Rebecca, Seann, Scott, David, Lucy and me) gather for an early celebration of my Dad's, eh hum, __ __th Birthday. Hamburgers, hotdogs, strawberry triffle, cookies, sweet tea, the works you know, were all there and it was good. Great actually. So great that when it came time to "help" clean up, I opted to "help" clean up by staying at the table. You know, to many cooks in the kitchen right? Doesn't that apply after dinner too? Beth and Mom opt to actually do something and wash dishes and clean up. Rebecca, well she's pregnant and starting to have some swelling feet, she's excused. Back to me though, I don't really have any ailments to prevent me from working and definitely no doctors note, so I don't really have an excuse. After getting up from the table I enter the kitchen and say, (with my dirty plate and clean utensils in hand) "Uh-oh, sorry I have some more for you (bad idea)" My Mom's response goes something like this "Oh yeah thanks, you have done so much to help, thanks." I believe it was more sarcastic than this, but you get the picture. Now of course, of course, I HAD to respond with, "Well I'm not worried about it right now, I'm sure what goes around will come around, my day will come when I'll help." BOOM, BANG, POP! Want to guess what happened next? Oh yeah that's right, my basically FULL cup of sweet tea. (Mmmm it was good, guess it's to late for compliments, huh Beth?) almost immediately fell off the counter onto Beth's nice clean floor... on the counter... in my shoes... and on the dishwasher. To top it off though it fell right next to my Mom's feet. Praise Jesus it did not spill on her. So of course Mom says in a fun sarcastic voice..." Ohhh ohhh what goes around DOES come back around!" She laughs as I clean it up, and repeats what goes around come around many times. Ha. That's alright I'm cool. Brushin' off the shoulders, it's all good.

BUT WAIT... Our story continues....

One GENIUS thing my Mom does, no joke it's genius, is if she is trying to remember something she will put her keys in the refrigerator to remind her she needs to remember something. Guess what ya'll she needed to remember something tonight, and I happened to remember her putting her keys in the fridge. Well while she was still cleaning up in another room, ha doesn't look like I really learned my lesson, I decide, talking to myself, " AH HA!! I'm going to take her keys and hide them!!!", "What goes around comes around!" HA! I hide them on top of the fridge. HA! From them on until we left, I danced around Mom, apparently looked like a hopping crab,  saying, "what goes around comes around, what goes around comes around!" 

I know I have talked about family lunches and dinners before but seriously if you haven't experienced a Kennedy/Haygood/Khazraee/Taylor/Bickley dinner or lunch you have not lived (alright a little dramatic). Back me up those of you who have experienced dinner with my family. It is seriously awesome. A reality TV show has seriously got to be made about us. We are hilarious. You will pee in your pants. No joke. You will love it. It consists of jokes, sarcasm, laughing, jokes about others at the table (mainly me and Seann. He's an 80's child and well I'm an easy target.) 

Here's a run down on this weeks dinner: 
-Lucy played musical chairs between G-Dad, Scott, and Grandma La La
-David said hamburger
-Gramz was quiet, as always, and chuckled to the point of tears during at least one or two portions of dinner. She always observes and doesn't say much (I don't think she gets a chance between me and Mom talking the whole time) but you can tell in her eyes and gorgeous smile she is so happy!
-Baby Advocate 1 (G-Dad) and Baby Advocate 2 (G-Ma LaLa) didn't like Scott spinning Lucy around so much... even though her dizzy face was super hilarious and she laughed.
-The Baby Advocates also insisted that the baked beans I was feeding Lucy be smashed... Insisted.
-Scott wore his seriously irrritating silky soccer shirt from Europe. Eek, I just can't stand that shirt.
-Joke were made about Seann being from the 80's via Tron.
-We also decided it would be pretty awesome to name all of our next kids after a good disney character and bad one ie: Simba Mufasa, Abu Japhar... 
-Couldn't tell the difference between the turkey burger and hamburgers which cued the conversations of, "Turkey burgers really are better than hamburgers" "Ummm I don't think so, thats gross" It goes on.
-Lucy and David fake choked multiple times. 
-Dad's candle's on his strawberry trifle, were in fact trick candles. The babies seemed to like that.
-We then discuss how David really should be the next E-Trade baby. He could so do it.
-Baby Noah apparently liked the food Rebecca ate, he was kicking. 
-Rebecca and Beth determined the deviled eggs are probably about 4 or 5 point on the weight watchers point system. Yeah for one egg. 

Surprisingly enough no gardening was discussed, or Scott and I getting pregnant (theres a bet going on I will get pregnant... before we are planning to. Hardy har har) Oh yeah we talk about it all! No one gets out alive... Just kidding. I'm a little bit of a drama queen.

If none of this seems remotely funny to you. Well, here's another saying for you,"You would of had to of been there."

Oh yeah and Mom found her keys before we even left the driveway at Beth's house. What goes around comes around.



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