Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What goes around comes around... QUICKLY!

Remember when I blogged Saturday night about my family dinners? How we laugh, we cry, we have multiple conversations at one time, we eat, we drink sweet tea, and just have a grand ole time? Man I love those family dinners! It's so funny how my family just knows me SO well. It's almost like they know me so well they can predict whats going to happen in my life, at the dinner table. Literally. I don't know how they do it but the just know. Let me quote what I'm talking about:

"Surprisingly enough no gardening was discussed, or Scott and I getting pregnant (theres a bet going on I will get pregnant... before we are planning to. Hardy har har) Oh yeah we talk about it all! No one gets out alive... Just kidding. I'm a little bit of a drama queen."

Sooo without further a do, here the story of how my family predicted the future. Saturday night after eating dinner with the fam, I proceeded to go home and eat: a whole bag of steamfresh veggies by myself, Ben and Jerry's ice cream (it was BOGOF at Publix and I had 2 Q's BOOM it was only $1.19 for both!), cheese, glass of milk, and chugged a bottle of Sobe. But wait ladies and gentlemen I was STILL hungry. So I ate some ritz crackers munchables. Well Sunday night I was following the same routine, Scott made the comment, "Jenny, it's like your pregnant or something?" Scott, then went to go return our redbox and I, did what any women would have done, took a pregnancy test. Low and behold that little line crossed perpendicularly to make a very noticeable plus sign. Four times. I took four tests. Then I went to the doctors yesterday and well make that five plus signs. Whoa nelly. We are pregnant... a year and a half before we were ever really thought we would be thinking about having another one! We thought we would have Lucy potty trained and walking before we thought of another one, so funny how our plans our sooo not our own.

We are so excited and terrified at the same time! We are close to 4 weeks along, and Baby Bickley #2 would be due around January 25th, 2012. Scott and I are definitely cautious though, because unfortunately this early in a pregnancy a miscarriage can happen. Its a sad reality that we are praying the Lord will protect us from, but it is a truth we are mindful of. We are confident though, that whatever happens whether we have twins, or even triplets or if we lose our baby, the Lord is Sovereign and will guide our steps and comfort our nerves. We were going to keep it on the DL BUT I'm not so great at keeping secrets, especially one like this!

See it pays off to read my blog ;o) And Happy early birthday to ME!



Stephanie Cunningham said...

Haha yesssss it does pay to read your blog :] CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

Sarah_Joy said...

Awww! Congratulations you guys! I will certainly be praying for Baby B #2!

Domestic Diva said...

Thanks ladies! We are super excited and super terrified at the same time!

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