Monday, May 02, 2011

My Mondays

Just another Manic Monday (ohh oh oh) Wish it was Sunday, cuz thats my fun day, (which is so true). Monday is get everything that needs to be done around the house before the clock strikes 9pm day. I do laundry, all three loads (don't be fooled the washer is slam packed, I don't believe in small loads... so each load is pretty big), I clean up the house, well watch Mr. Robo vacuum up the dog traces, uh hem black Labrador dog hairs. What can I do she's a dog and it's hot outside.

I also try to get my couponing done for the current ads. Which makes me think I should have taken Mrs. Miller's advice and well, gone back to kindergarten. It takes me a good two to three hours just to get a list together for CVS. Ya'll I have some serious math issues, somehow every time I spend time getting my list together, I ALWAYS without fail am off on my math and politely feel the need to tell the cashier I think my items were rung up wrong. Then I realize it was my error.... Whoops (So far, I am to embarrassed to go back to the CVS on Tennessee Street and the Lake Ella.) I am slowly running out of options. Note to self: Humble thyself enough to let Scott help me with my couponing math.

I also try to get caught up on the bottles that were so conveniently left next to the sink and in the exersaucer... and under the table.... and the car... the diaper bag... and any other crevice you can imagine. What? We have busy weekends? Don't you too? So after spending an long time cleaning out the bottles, I try to make the kitchen look spik and span. I do love me a clean kitchen.

I do not love that laundry never ends. Just when you think you have finished matching socks, folding towels, and meticulously folding underwear, you change into your PJ's and start the process all over again.So much of a let down that just when you think your done, you are actually just back at square one. But that is life and when life gives you laundry ya can't let it get stinky so you just might as well wash it.

I guess I am alittle bit of a drama queen because when typing what I do on Mondays its really not all that bad.  I think what makes it difficult is the 10 month old crawling and getting into, but not limited to, the dog bowl, DVD's, cabinets, drawers, laundry, eating things off the floor, wanting to be held and so on and so forth. So take the baby out of the equation easy peasy. Add her back and you get more work. Take that Mrs. Miller, I can do math, Ha!



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