Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My 1st Mother's Day!

Did you think I forgot about blogging? Well actually I did for the weekend. We have been so busy the past few weekends, so I just plum forgot. (Since I know you were all just waiting around to read my next blog post... Ha.) It was a very eventful weekend. Not in the way most people describe, "eventful weekends" though. Nothing bad happened, it was just full of events. Eating out like three times with families, Rebecca's baby shower for baby Noah, shopping, Lucy's dedication, and Mother's Day filled this eventful weekend.

Mother's Day was by far the best day though. No offense Rebecca, your baby shower was awesome too, BUT baby dedication and Mother's day trumps the shower... Scott, Lucy, and I stood before the church and made a vow to raise her in the light of the Lord. To be obedient to God when raising our little Lucy, and asking the church and family to stand behind and help us with our covenant we have made to God. It was the cherry to my ice cream of a day. I thought it was wonderful that she was dedicated on Mother's day. She did pretty well up front too, she couldn't decide who she wanted to hold her though... and she ate some tissue paper while we were praying. (She's real into paper these days, I call her a billy goat...) Pretty much all of our family was there too, so it was neat being in church with everyone again. I definitely miss being able to worship with my family at church.

After church, we headed over to the Bickley's (Scott's parents) house for a nice light lunch of sandwiches. They were delicious and we enjoyed spending time with everyone! Then we moe-zeed ( don't know how to spell it, so just sound it out...) over to my parents house where we ate more and sat by the pool. We did absolutely nothing there. Which was nice, Scott, Lucy and I are fighting colds, we needed some rest. That evening we came home and relaxed some more. I guess it was alittle uneventful...

I'll tell you what, Mother's day has a WHOLE new meaning after now being a Mom. Its nice to be celebrated and to be praised for being a Mom. It is a tough job and sometimes a very thankless job. Lucy could careless, and prefer I not, clean out her nasty nose or change her dirty diaper. Not one thank you yet :o) Don't be fooled she can say, "thank you". Although it's more like, "tank- tu" but hey it works. But thank you's or no thank you's I love my daughter. I love my husband for giving me my daughter. I love my Lord for lending her to me to enjoy. She has changed my life in so many great ways. She truly is the light of my life (Lucy mean's light). Even when she wakes up way to early and all I want to do is sleep, I see her smile and I'm hooked on her. She is my greatest accomplishment and I know the best years are yet to come! Happy be-lated Mother's day ya'll and THANK YOU MOM for all you have done for me and continue to do daily for me!



Scott Bickley said...

Thank you for being a WONDERFUL mother to our little Lucy. You've already accomplished much in her and I look forward to the woman she will become because of your influence.

Love you.

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