Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bickley Happenings

OK, so I guess I am not such a great blogger. I did so great the first week.... Then well I fell off the face of the blogging earth... So I guess I am just going to have to play catch up on what's happening with the Bickley's.

Like my last post announced, we are expecting Baby Bickley #2 (BB2 we like to call him/her at home) We are  getting more and more excited about having another baby and so looking forward to seeing Lucy be a big sister. She will be a great one for sure! I am scheduled for my orientation appointment June 3rd and in case you are wondering that's my birthday (I like clothes, giftcards, money,.... Just kidding) I am not so excited about this appointment because nothing happens and I have already been through it once before. But never the less, it is our first official appointment! 

Scott is starting seminary, I think, that same week or the week after. We are also really excited for this new chapter in our lives. Its been a long process deciding when to embark on this new journey, but it's finally here and we are getting pumped! He will be taking classes online, through hybrid courses, and J-terms. He said he will have tons of reading to do, but hopefully starting this track will being him tons of joy to finally be moving towards his dream job, being a Pastor. So excited for him and our family! He is going to be a great Pastor, because he is already such a great husband and daddy two my two babies :o) (Hey getting me my cravings is already helping BB2)

In other news, we decided to take our house off the market. After finding out I was pregnant, the house situation was to much up in the air and we need to make a decision. So we decided to make it work here! We have made some ground breaking, literally not figuratively, improvements. Friday night at about 7:00 pm maybe, I decided in all my brightness to start ripping up the lenolium. Low and behold it actually wasnt that hard of a job... Well Scott helped a little too...OK a lot... Today he and my Dad laid some laminate flooring down (it's almost done) and it looks AMAZING! I was speechless again! I think this is a new trend in my life  to maybe just be quiet...

I have a guilty Mom confession... I have not kept a good record of what Lucy has done... I feel terrible about it. It was just laziness. I just didn't document it very well. Luckily though, I can catch up and start now! Lucy is 11 months old today and she is a mess. She is walking behind her little dino, dancing, crawling, talking, and smiling a lot! She can say da da, ma ma, gracie (wacie), la la, fishy (she-she), Meow, doggy (gogy), baby, uh oh, no and her new favorite owl which she says like this oww-ullll. She is also mastering the art of the sippy cup. Very well I might add :o) She is so wonderful and we just can not get enough of her!! We are so in love with her!!

Alright, I am starving BB2 is starving. All the time. Seriously. All the time...



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