Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Mommy.

Dun, dun, dun dunnnnn! I'm back!! I know everyone one in the cyber world has just greatly missed me blogging... (I really have missed blogging). Life has been sooo busy! My sister Rebecca's baby arrived into this great state of Florida... about 6 to 7 weeks early. I have decided he just did not want to be last in the summer birthday line up:
June 3rd Me
June 10th David Ali
June 21st Lucy Kate
July 9th (supposed to be) Noah Samuel
so you see what I'm saying... He was like, "oh NO! I will not be last!" Instead he wants to share his birthday month with his Granddad Kennedy. Why shouldn't he they both have bright red hair!

Well after seeing what my sister has gone through, ya know the vacation of labor and delivery ;o), possibly being on bedrest, and seeing Noah in the NICU, it has made incredibly, ginormously, greatly grateful and in amazement of my Mom. Ya'll I know that we are all bias about our families. But I mean it when I say I have the greatest, awesome, most amazing Mom EVER. Hands down.

I seriously am feeling that I should celebrate my Mom on my birthday! I mean after carrying me for 9 months, with two other kids to take care of (don't get me wrong my Dad was great and helped of course!) but seriously, it's a ton of work being a Mom! Now that we are pregnant with BB2 I am realizing oh my goodness. My poor mother... I have not thanked her enough. Geeze louise. So here is a chance for me to tell the whole world some pretty awesome things about her and things I have learned from my awesome Mom:

1.) If you are doing the laundry, so you don't forget and they go sour, put a candy cane out on the countertop. I mean who needs a candy cane in mid July, Oh wait I have laundry in the washer!
2.) Always fold your clothes right out of the dryer, you'll never get them folded any other way.
3.) So you don't forget something you need to remember to take somewhere, put your keys in the freezer. Seriously genius.
4.) Eliminate in between steps and think about where you are going before you do. Plan the shortest most efficient route.
5.) don't freak out about every little thing.
6.) My Mom is a genius when it comes to problem solving. She should be an official problem solver for a living.
7.) She is an insanely hard worker, but almost NEVER brought home her work or stressed about it at home. She worked productively at work and as she would say, "work stays at work"
8.) She is the most giving person I have ever met. She would give you the shoes off of her feet, and shirt off her back if you needed it.
9.) She is so incredibly humble.
10.) She is an amazing example of a servant. She just serves and serves and serves AND really rarely ever complains about it. She gets joy from serving.
11.) My Mom ain't no doormat though. She knew, well knows, how to get a handle on me when I am being ridiculous. Which is not often because I am no drama queen. Yeah.... right....
12.) She will discreetly and most un-noticeably take the smallest portion or the not so desirable item of choice, if need be. So many times I have noticed her eating the turkey sandwich, instead of last night great bar b que chicken. She always is looking out for others and what they need.
13.) To often did Santa and Mrs. Clause, the Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy always know what I wanted for Christmas, AND what I didn't even know I wanted BUT LOVED! I would like to think that she had a little something to do with that :o)
14.) Can't say it enough how great of a planner my Mom is. You need a plan, she's got a great one.
15.) She is an awesome Grandma to my Lucy and David and Noah! She helped me through so many first time Mom crisis' and was there when Lucy was born. It was so neat to look at my Mom when Lucy arrived and just hear her say, "she's here!" (with tears in her eye ;o)
16.) Oh yeah, did I mention my Mom held one of my legs as I became oh so open to everyone in the delivery room... You know she's on my good side since she was allowed in the room!
17.) My Mom could be a private investigator. She has sources. Just sayin'.
18.) Every dance recital I can remember when I was past the age of 8 or 10 she was backstage helping do whatever needed to be done to get it done! She wasn't like those crazy backstage Mom's, she did what she was told and jumped in when needed.
19.) Clean up your mess after your done. Don't leave it there it just collects.
20.) Wash the dishes after dinner or put them in the dishwasher, either way get the kitchen clean. Don't leave it for the morning. It doesn't go away.

You know we never had "Family Schedule Boards" or rules hanging up or a certain meal plan. We didn't have a cleaning schedule, or certain chores we had to do.  (and no thats not why I love my Mom so much) She didn't need that. We respected, well still respect her. We new she meant business. She and my Dad didn't make parenting so difficult for themselves. They just were parents! They didn't bring drama into parenting. Yes, I would be lying if I said that we were a perfect family. We aren't. But I look at myself and others around me and I'm like CHILL OUT. Not everything has to be by the books. My Mom made the book for our family. Well my Mom and Dad! I knew that if I didn't pick up my shoes from the living room by the time she got home, true story, she said she would throw them away. Well she did.

All this to say, my Mom is amazing. She is teaching me daily by her actions and past actions to just chillax. Other people may parent one way, but I gotta do what's best for my family.

So Mommy, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I now only have a glimpse of all of the sacrifices and energy I took from you! I know you wouldn't have it any other way, but at least now I can say I get it. Or better yet, what goes around comes around!

Love you Mommy.



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