Thursday, May 05, 2011

Can cross that off my list!

I haven't ever sat down and made a bucket list, but there are some things in life I would like to say are on my mental bucket list. Birthing a child, check. Getting blood work done and not actually freaking out about it, check. Owning a house, check. Getting married, check. Owning a mini van, check (double check because it is the car of my dreams, no seriously it's my Barbie dream car.) Owning a business, check. The list goes on and on.  Today is exciting, I certainly most certainly did accomplish another task on my mental bucket list.

Like I have said in past posts, I love couponing. It gives me a thrill waiting at the check out line to see my total.I get butterflies as I see the number go down on my total and sky rocket in savings. It also helps with my insane desire to SHOP! Get ready to give me some cookies and a pat on the back, because today I hit the jackpot on savings and spending. I didn't just save 25%, or 50% or even 75%, no I saved (drum roll please) 97.66% savings! I spent a whopping $3.05 and saved $140.63. Check. I would have saved 100% but the cashier mistakenly thought I needed to get another item for it to total out. So I got some gum and mentos. I doubt this will happen again since the cashier told me they are having a, "coupon meeting" next week... But I did it and even if I only get to have this one time of feeling incredibly accomplished at couponing. I'll take it.

Coming up soon on the blog: How to fold a fitted sheet. With none other than me. Your blog host. I haven't decided if I will do a video or just pictures... We will see.

By the way anyone need any gas relief? That's what happened to be on sale and actually made me profit.


The loot.


HappyLittleMonkey said...

Great job! I thought of you today when I was at CVS with my coupons...for all three transactions!

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