Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prom 2011

Buying the dress, getting my hair, finger nails, and toes done, buying special jewelry, getting my make-up done, and last but not least the shoes... that's right everyone homecoming and prom were the highlights of my years in highschool (silly you did you think I was going to say my wedding? That was awesome too) Homecoming and prom were just so fun, especially when you had a date! Lucky me, I did! I love dressing up and wearing fancy clothes and any excuse to wear my ,on any other day, obnoxious rhinestone jewelry. 

Recently, I have been mentioning to Scott about how much I missed highschool dances. How much I missed feeling pretty in my dress, and getting beautified. How much I missed dancing (and I know what you are thinking, no we did not "booty dance") We actually swing danced and turned everyday tasks into dances. Some examples may include BUT are not limited to: the sprinkler, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, washing the dog and washing the car. We even did some Karate Kid, wax on wax off, paint up paint down. That sort of thing. But no matter how silly and quite stupid we looked for going against the crowd and choosing not to "grind" on the dance floor, we had a blast. That leads me too yesterday, Friday morning:

AND ACTION (claps hands together loudly)

"Hey, Scott. What should I wear to our date tonight? I mean are we going to go somewhere after we eat? Should I be casual? Formal??" "Jenny" (Scott says grinning) "Wear something you would wear to prom." Me: "I am not wearing a prom dress to Mori." (Scott says sort of rolling his eyes) "Just wear something really nice!" Me: "K".

Later that day... Scott asked me to meet him at the Tallahassee Mall, so at five I drop Lucy off with her Aunt La La, Uncle Seann, and Grandma La La, and Granddad (these people are pivotal in this story, don't forget them) and I go on my merry way to the mall. 

* FREEZE: I didn't tell you what I wore. Here goes: My white and gold Ann Taylor Loft dress that I got on our 2nd anniversary trip to St. Augustine. It was a splurge item and I can finally fit back into it after having Lucy. Oh and it just so happened to go with my shoes I wore to our Junior prom :o)
ACTION AGAIN(claps hands together loudly again)

I see Scott standing outside waiting for me, and we go into the mall where he tells me: "Jenny, I have a surprise for you!" Me: "Are we crashing a prom.... That is alittle rude to crash a prom and not to mention possibly illegal." Scott (grinning): "I have connections." Me: "What?" Anyways, he we keep walking through the mall when he tells me I have a certain amount of money I can spend on ANYTHING I want! YES! Jackpot! If you have ever done the love language test by Gary Chapman you will understand when I say my love language is gifts. There I said it. I love gifts. So this was awesome, because Scott LOVES to save. 

OK so we walk around the mall and I didn't see anything I wanted to spend my money on, I mean I am not just going to blow it and we were in ghost town mall, so we head to go eat. Mori is our new favorite place to go. We love the food, it's quiet, sort of reasonably priced and they are quick! We ate our favorite: steak, shrimp, and chicken. No sushi this time, although their sushi is really good to. (Don't worry I haven't forgotten about my money to spend)

We then decide to go to the Governor Square Mall, we walk around for like two hours, I find like five things I love. But in trying not to just blow my money we depart from the mall empty handed. OK blah blah blah I am ready to get to the good part!

I get out of the car when we get home and hear some seriously loud music. Thinking its the neighbors I almost go into a fit of rage, because it annoys me greatly to hear their music inside my house especially when it is time for sleep!  We walk up to the door and I say, "Scott! There is music coming from the house, someone is in there!" (Lest we not forget the reindeer in the carport earlier this week. May he stay in his place until Christmas) So I was pretty shaken thinking someone has invaded my house. Not to mention when I opened the door the music was blaring AND the house looked like a babyless home, ie: not like babies r us. So I thought someone broke in... Freaked me out. Freaked me out more that Scott kept nudging me inside. So I creep in and see a microphone, music playing, and a brown chair with my name on it (ok not literally my name on it but he told me to sit there.) and a glass of sweet tea :o) From there Scott told me he was going to give me a concert and sang me five song. I think... I am still fuzzy and in shock from his creativity of this date, some had sentimental value and some were just cheesy love songs to make me blubber like a fool. Thanks Scott, my mascara apparently is not water proof. 

You see this week, month, 6 months, 9 months, year, OK 2 to 3 years, have been challenging for me and Scott. Like I said in yesterday's post we have flown through 5 chapters of life in 3 years. Life and personal issues have gotten the best of mainly me, and I have often lost sight of the wonderfully amazing man I married. I have SO, all to often forgotten the amazing memories we have and just how far we have come together. Seriously ya'll we have come so far. So as he sang the songs that meant, mean so much to us I just couldn't help but overflow with tears. Again let me say the Sephora sample size mascara I was wearing was indeed, NOT waterproof.

Back to the concert, after he sang me the songs, we swing danced, jumped around the living room, did the electric slide, clapped to Hey Ya, looked like crazy people and slow danced to the first song we ever slow danced to. Homecoming 2004. I waited ALL night for them to play ONE slow song and it was, "Picture" sung by Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock. Terrible first slow song to dance to, but absolutely a WONDERFUL memory with what I was later to find out would be my better half one day.

Now let me tell you little background on our date. Scott spent countless hours preparing for this date. Remember those amazing babysitters I mentioned earlier ie: the Kennedy clan (my fam), they came over while we were out and set up the whole scene AND did my dishes. Amazing.  Scott had given them an extensive to do list and they followed it to the T! I had no idea he had been planning this whole date for over a month!

I am never speechless. I almost always have something to say. But ladies and gents, I. Was. Speechless. It was a, "you kinda had to of been there" type of thing. But even if you would have been there I don't think anyone could have understood the depth of love that I felt from this date. It was so totally a Scott and me date. An amazing date. An amazing memory. I know I will never forget! 

If you haven't spent time with your husband or wife, give it a try. Make some new awesome memories. You won't be sorry.


Friday, April 29, 2011

What a week!

Friday, Friday, Friday.... Kickin in the front seat, kickin in the back seat... Oh wait what, oh yeah I'm not in high school anymore? Darn. After busy, crazy weeks like this one I wish I was still in Mr. Cowdrey's Western Civ class about to fall asleep bored to tears. Rather than worn out from being an adult. I would love to just be "kickin it" in my school desk and listening to him talk about the Tudor's, than figuring out bills, taking care of my sick and teething baby (so sad, breaks my pea pickin' heart!), selling my house, and dealing with other adult like things. BUT then again at least I don't have to learn anymore math or sit in Mrs. Miller's class and be told I needed to go back to kindergarten. Hmmm. Maybe I should have taken her up on that...

I guess it's not ALL that bad. I just wish I would have savored the Friday's when I just sat around in class copying terms or forced to take 10 notes on a boring movie. I mean if I would have known less than five years later I would be married, own a house, a dog, AND have a baby, I think I would have taken my time growing up and copying my terms! Its great being an adult but phew Scott and I have flown through like 5 chapters in our life in a 3 year span!

Anyways, enough of that. My life is awesome and I have pretty much NO reason to complain... So on that note, I've been couponing. Extreme couponing, no. Well not yet. I really enjoy it and feel quite accomplished after looking at my ending total at the register. It's pretty cool. But whether I like it or not I basically have to stockpile to an extent. (Stockpile: stocking up on things so much so that you start swimming in boxes of cereal and tooth paste) It's not really my goal to stockpile, I just want to save money and have food in my pantry.

One of the things though that I have sort of stock piled on, is boxed mac n cheese (yea, yea a little processed food never hurt you.) So Tuesday night I decided to make some type of mexican-mac-n-cheese-throw-together-at-the last-minute casserole:

Box of deluxe mac n cheese
1 pd or less of ground beef
Half a jar of salsa
Big spoonful of Helluva jalapeno cheese dip
Some shredded cheese for the top

Alright. Make the mac n cheese, brown the meat add the spices to it too, drain the meat and put it all in a bowl with the salsa and cheese dip. Mix dump in a casserole pan sprinkle some cheese and bake for 20 to 30 minutes at 350. Thats it.

Well we had peas with it too. Gotta have some type of veggie. I am sure you could use a can of rotel instead of salsa but that's what we had. Enjoy.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

"A What?"

Grandma got run over by a reighndeer, da da da da da da.... That's all I know of the song, BUT it sets the scene perfectly for my Tuesday afternoon.

Picture this my living room, Lucy in the exersaucer enjoying her bottle, while Mommy oh so productively checks facebook, when clang clang, bang!! I hear something at the door. Gracie jumps up, I jump up, Lucy... well she doesnt care a lick in the world, I run to the door thinking maybe Scott came home for a surprise visit. Nope. I mean seriously whose husband gets to come home for surprise visits, some people work for a living duh? Anyways, I do the next thing I know to do. Call Scott. At this point in time I am convinced someone has just tried to break into my house, in the day time, when my car is in the carport. Those details are beside the point. So he tells me to call the cops. I do. Our conversation went something like this

and ACTION (claps hands together.)

" Tallahassee Police Department how can I help you?" "Hey there, I was just sitting on my couch and heard a noise like someone was trying to break in." "Well do you think they may have  the wrong door..." "No, we live in a house..." (about this time my brother in law Ben drives up, Scott had called him.) Me looking outside the window, "oh wait! I see a reindeer in the storage room!" "A What??" " A reindeer, you know the Christmas ones, you put in your yard" again, "A What?" " I think were good now my brother in law is going to check the perimeter." " OK miss as long as you got it... Call us back if you need anything..."  (seriously did I just tell her I was going to have him check the perimeter?)

Basically the crook trying to get into my house was a jolly ole reindeer from Christmas that had fallen from the storage room... Yea. He didn't get the memo that he is only used for Christmas.

Even though I am SO SO very thankful that is was just my jolly Christmas reindeer, it did make me think about what I might have done had I really had someone at the door. So this would have been my plan of attack:
............ Blanked out........ Seriously I would have been in a heap of trouble. I mean I really don't know what would have been best. What would you have done? 

Trend Follower

I wore jelly shoes when they were popular, cut my bangs to make the swoop across my forehead, collected pogs, took the seam out of the hem of my jeans so they had that cool wrinkled look, coupon (a newer trend), and will continue being a trend follower probably until I just say forget it. So here I am, following yet another trend. Blogging. Scott and I have talked about having a blog that we update and, you know, self glorify the good things we do, because after all isn't that SOME of the reason people blog? I mean be honest. Its OK. I will admit some people really are great at just hitting the high points of the happenings of their families lives, which is great for a nosy person like myself. Either way it's their blog and hey they can write whatever they want.

So here's a rule with my blog. If you don't like something, just don't read it. I am not holier than thou type of person, and I don't want to make anyone feel judged by a silly little blog. So don't tempt yourself, I am not here to exasperate you and lead you into temptation of being angry. It's simply my families blackboard, formally known as a chalkboard, it's a place I can write down my crazy last minute dinner recipes that just sometimes work, announcements about my little Lucy Kate, random(and when I mean random I mean random) thoughts of my mind, things we are so humbly learning spiritually, and well a collaboration of many other things couponing, sewing, decorating, child raising, farm raising (just kidding we don't have a farm...) and whatever else comes up.

Oh yes, and don't be fooled by my amazing grammar and sarcasm (did you get it, I am being sarcastic about my grammar). I am in NO way a writer, in fact I don't really enjoy all that much. So don't be fooled again there will probably not be a blog post everyday. I know you all will just be gripping the side of your seats WAITING for my next blog post but don't, we are just a normal (ha, can't even believe I wrote that) family trying to document our life in this fun cyber world.