Friday, April 29, 2011

What a week!

Friday, Friday, Friday.... Kickin in the front seat, kickin in the back seat... Oh wait what, oh yeah I'm not in high school anymore? Darn. After busy, crazy weeks like this one I wish I was still in Mr. Cowdrey's Western Civ class about to fall asleep bored to tears. Rather than worn out from being an adult. I would love to just be "kickin it" in my school desk and listening to him talk about the Tudor's, than figuring out bills, taking care of my sick and teething baby (so sad, breaks my pea pickin' heart!), selling my house, and dealing with other adult like things. BUT then again at least I don't have to learn anymore math or sit in Mrs. Miller's class and be told I needed to go back to kindergarten. Hmmm. Maybe I should have taken her up on that...

I guess it's not ALL that bad. I just wish I would have savored the Friday's when I just sat around in class copying terms or forced to take 10 notes on a boring movie. I mean if I would have known less than five years later I would be married, own a house, a dog, AND have a baby, I think I would have taken my time growing up and copying my terms! Its great being an adult but phew Scott and I have flown through like 5 chapters in our life in a 3 year span!

Anyways, enough of that. My life is awesome and I have pretty much NO reason to complain... So on that note, I've been couponing. Extreme couponing, no. Well not yet. I really enjoy it and feel quite accomplished after looking at my ending total at the register. It's pretty cool. But whether I like it or not I basically have to stockpile to an extent. (Stockpile: stocking up on things so much so that you start swimming in boxes of cereal and tooth paste) It's not really my goal to stockpile, I just want to save money and have food in my pantry.

One of the things though that I have sort of stock piled on, is boxed mac n cheese (yea, yea a little processed food never hurt you.) So Tuesday night I decided to make some type of mexican-mac-n-cheese-throw-together-at-the last-minute casserole:

Box of deluxe mac n cheese
1 pd or less of ground beef
Half a jar of salsa
Big spoonful of Helluva jalapeno cheese dip
Some shredded cheese for the top

Alright. Make the mac n cheese, brown the meat add the spices to it too, drain the meat and put it all in a bowl with the salsa and cheese dip. Mix dump in a casserole pan sprinkle some cheese and bake for 20 to 30 minutes at 350. Thats it.

Well we had peas with it too. Gotta have some type of veggie. I am sure you could use a can of rotel instead of salsa but that's what we had. Enjoy.



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