Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trend Follower

I wore jelly shoes when they were popular, cut my bangs to make the swoop across my forehead, collected pogs, took the seam out of the hem of my jeans so they had that cool wrinkled look, coupon (a newer trend), and will continue being a trend follower probably until I just say forget it. So here I am, following yet another trend. Blogging. Scott and I have talked about having a blog that we update and, you know, self glorify the good things we do, because after all isn't that SOME of the reason people blog? I mean be honest. Its OK. I will admit some people really are great at just hitting the high points of the happenings of their families lives, which is great for a nosy person like myself. Either way it's their blog and hey they can write whatever they want.

So here's a rule with my blog. If you don't like something, just don't read it. I am not holier than thou type of person, and I don't want to make anyone feel judged by a silly little blog. So don't tempt yourself, I am not here to exasperate you and lead you into temptation of being angry. It's simply my families blackboard, formally known as a chalkboard, it's a place I can write down my crazy last minute dinner recipes that just sometimes work, announcements about my little Lucy Kate, random(and when I mean random I mean random) thoughts of my mind, things we are so humbly learning spiritually, and well a collaboration of many other things couponing, sewing, decorating, child raising, farm raising (just kidding we don't have a farm...) and whatever else comes up.

Oh yes, and don't be fooled by my amazing grammar and sarcasm (did you get it, I am being sarcastic about my grammar). I am in NO way a writer, in fact I don't really enjoy all that much. So don't be fooled again there will probably not be a blog post everyday. I know you all will just be gripping the side of your seats WAITING for my next blog post but don't, we are just a normal (ha, can't even believe I wrote that) family trying to document our life in this fun cyber world.



Kelly Davis Kirkpatrick said...

Girl this made me laugh out loud!! It also made me think.. well is my blog written in a "selfish or prideful" manner???? Well, I hope not since that is far from my goal! So glad you are jumping into the fun world of blogging!! I look forward to being "nosy" and keeping up with your sweet family, but most of all sweet Lucy!! Miss you all!! -Kelly

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