Thursday, April 28, 2011

"A What?"

Grandma got run over by a reighndeer, da da da da da da.... That's all I know of the song, BUT it sets the scene perfectly for my Tuesday afternoon.

Picture this my living room, Lucy in the exersaucer enjoying her bottle, while Mommy oh so productively checks facebook, when clang clang, bang!! I hear something at the door. Gracie jumps up, I jump up, Lucy... well she doesnt care a lick in the world, I run to the door thinking maybe Scott came home for a surprise visit. Nope. I mean seriously whose husband gets to come home for surprise visits, some people work for a living duh? Anyways, I do the next thing I know to do. Call Scott. At this point in time I am convinced someone has just tried to break into my house, in the day time, when my car is in the carport. Those details are beside the point. So he tells me to call the cops. I do. Our conversation went something like this

and ACTION (claps hands together.)

" Tallahassee Police Department how can I help you?" "Hey there, I was just sitting on my couch and heard a noise like someone was trying to break in." "Well do you think they may have  the wrong door..." "No, we live in a house..." (about this time my brother in law Ben drives up, Scott had called him.) Me looking outside the window, "oh wait! I see a reindeer in the storage room!" "A What??" " A reindeer, you know the Christmas ones, you put in your yard" again, "A What?" " I think were good now my brother in law is going to check the perimeter." " OK miss as long as you got it... Call us back if you need anything..."  (seriously did I just tell her I was going to have him check the perimeter?)

Basically the crook trying to get into my house was a jolly ole reindeer from Christmas that had fallen from the storage room... Yea. He didn't get the memo that he is only used for Christmas.

Even though I am SO SO very thankful that is was just my jolly Christmas reindeer, it did make me think about what I might have done had I really had someone at the door. So this would have been my plan of attack:
............ Blanked out........ Seriously I would have been in a heap of trouble. I mean I really don't know what would have been best. What would you have done? 


Sarah_Joy said...

LOL, this story cracked me up! I was actually in a similar situation once. My landlord got the day we were moving out of our apartment wrong and so I'm sitting in the livingroom and hear the key turning in the lock! Knowing it wasn't David I ran to the door, banged on it as hard as I could 3 times and said in a loud, deep voice, WHOSE THERE?!? lol. It was totally gut reaction. Well, I scared my poor landlady half to death and she says if she had been trying to break in, it would have been very effective. We had a good laugh over that one : )

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