Friday, March 29, 2013

Indeed it was a Good Friday

Tonight I was driving home from Ross and "Christ is Risen" by Matt Maher came on. The first time I heard this song was on a Sunday morning in the worship service. I remember seeing so many faces in the choir with smiles and bopping and swaying to this song that speaks in so much volume. Since then I have only heard it a hand full of times and each time have been struck to weeping. I just weep when I hear this song. One time it was weeping in distress of being a parent and the difficulties of life, another was remembering the cross and what Jesus Christ did for my sin that day, and I think one time I remember just weeping because musically it is a beautiful song, pleasing to the ears. But today I wept with joy because of a different reason.

As we all know the debate of redefining marriage and marriage equality has been plastered all over the internet and even lots of cars too ;). I don't want to debate it because I think if a mind was to be changed it would not be because of my blog. But just so we are clear, I am NOT unintelligent as to what the Bible says about homosexuality. I am not really even to unintelligent about the Bible. I in no way know it right to left at least not the Old Testament, (any body get that joke?) but I read the Bible and whole heartily believe it to be truthful and inspired by God. It is a sin. Forget the Old Testament argument and look into the New Testament. If you regard the whole Bible to be truly inspired by God, then you can't look past Paul's letters and say there is nothing in the NT about homosexuality  If you don't regard the Bible to be inspired by God then we have a bigger issue, we don't believe the same Bible, so our debating is pointless. On, and on and on, but that's not why I am writing!

When I listened to this song, my heart was full of this "Redefine marriage all you want, let sin reign even more in this corrupt world because death has lost it's sting to me!" I don't live for this world. Christ will still come back and will still stand in front of me when I am before the Lord. Even if this world tries to redefine marriage and become more corrupt this world can not take away my victory that is won in Christ! Hell, where is your victory? In winning a battle over what God has clearly commanded? Then win it, because hell you are not my future or my hope. No my hope is in the fact that Sunday when I go to worship I will worship a risen Savior, who conquered death, who paid my ransom, so I can live and hope in the glory of being one with God. I praise the Lord that I have been redeemed by Jesus' wounds and blood shed. I pray that those who don't know the depth of God's love for them and the depth of His wrath to come without knowing his Son, would humbly come to know Christ.

Thank you Lord for Good Friday!


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