Monday, August 01, 2011

Bead Board Wallpaper Party

This pregnant Mommy has been nesting like a crazy person. I have been painting, wallpapering, hanging and nailing things on the wall for about a month now. It all started with our bedroom. It needed a change. I needed a change so I painted it. Then I thought YUCK I can't deal with the bathroom in our room anymore. Its ugly. Its dark and well ugly. So I painted the tile and the walls. The floor is next...

THEN I took my tool belt and paint brush to the kitchen.... I love bead board. Its so country-cottage-house cute and I love it. I thought it wasn't that expensive and I was just going to do a small area of the kitchen. BUT then my sister, thanks Bethie, mentioned this blog about bead board wall paper. What? I thought ummm.... Wall paper. Are you kidding me, that's a death trap! But after reading and seeing the results from the Southern Hospitality Blog (check it out here  I was hooked and had to try!

What amazing results I got and for like 80% less of the cost. It took me a few panels to figure it out and it MIGHT have helped to read the directions, but it was super easy and quick once I got the hang of it. Seriously I got amazing results and was so happy with how it turned out. Here a before and after picture. The before picture is when we first moved in three years ago. We had repainted it prior to this update but its a cooler before and after this way ;o)

The before and after
A closer look!


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