Monday, June 13, 2011

Not gone just unplugged...

Well Thursday morning my TV cable was unplugged, by none other than Mr. Scott Bickley himself. It was no surprise as the night before we had a "discussion" about how the TV was really causing some unhealthy habits in my life. Such as, and not limited to: watching TV for hours on end, watching a lot of reality TV shows that are less than edifying, staying up late to watch TV, laying in bed eating and watching TV for countless hours in the evening.... and during most naptimes, as well as causing me to learn new ways to be dramatic and well sinful (you know putting false thoughts into my head about marriage, friendships, and being selfish). Who says you are to old to be swayed by the TV? Now I love the Disney channel and really there is not to terribly much wrong with it, besides the temptation to watch it all the time. But what was getting to me was The Real Housewives of whatever county was on that evening. Its a slow fade, if I may quote  Casting Crowns for a minute, when black and white have turned to grey. When saying it's wrong to treat your spouse the way they treat theirs, to well maybe he deserved it. It astonishes me how much of an influence on my life those shows have been, in a bad way. I don't really think I desire their lifestyle? I don't think I really even desire to be that rich, although being able to live debt free would be super nice. But slowly thoughts of money and drama started consume my mind. Eek, Not good.

Back to the TV being unplugged though. Let me tell you, it was not without some retaliation. Poor Scott. I was not angry that he unplugged the TV, I mean after all it was per my enraged request when we were "discussing" the situation. But what bothered me was on Saturday night when I wanted to just sit and relax and watch TV, I asked Scott to plug it back in, to which he replied: "No." Say what? "No." What am I a child? (Quite frankly, I was acting like one for sure.) He then said, "Well what have you done to spend time with God today?" Me: "Well I have been praying. You know I spent time with God. What are you my keeper?" This continued for quite sometime, but Scott didn't budge. Thank the good Lord above for that.

Last night I read two chapters of a book he had been wanting me to read, slightly out of irritation to just get it over with, and actually enjoyed it. I have also enjoyed the quiet, peacefulness that I feel in my humble abode. I realized today, that yes I desire to watch TV, but it was also kind of like a pressure I placed on myself that if I am home the TV has to be on. It can't be silent in the house. But it's OK for it to be hushed and serene, in fact it's really nice. I have already seen some super ripe and juicy fruit grow from just a few days of silence and turning my mind away from the TV. It's nice. I like it and I never thought I would say that!

So as a challenge for myself I want to keep the TV in mine and Scott's room off for as long as I can. Minus watching a movie with Scott. If you feel like you want to, would you ask me about it? Hold me accountable. All to often I don't ask others to hold me accountable, so would you please with cherries on top, ask me how I am doing with it? And if you so feel led, totally turn the TV off for a few days, it's nice. Take it from me a TV addict, it's nice.

Oh yeah and special thanks to Mr. Scott Bickley :o)



Betty said...

So I'll is it going? I've been praying for you to see those shows for what they were....ever since you told me a year or more ago that you watched The American Teenager show. You have one wise, wonderful, god-fearing husband, who wants the best for his wifey and the mother of his child(ren). I'm proud of you Jenny. Be submissive and kiss that man good tonight, thanking him for his leadership in your home. God will bless it in a mighty way!!!!

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